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First Responder Collection


Note: To participate, please contact us at

Because First Responders provide heroic service to their communities on a regular basis, in exchange, they deserve the best service we can provide to them. Check 6 Arms is proud to offer these firearms to our valued First Responders so that we may equip them with the best products in the industry through agreements with our distributors and firearm manufacturer’s Individual Officer Program (IOP) or Armed Personnel Program (APP).

The manufacturer's participating in this program include Beretta, FN USA, Sig Sauer, and Walther. (If there's an item you don't see below that you want from the previously mentioned manufacturer's, please ask)

Below is a list of what firearms manufacturers, as well as Check 6 Arms, LLC, define as First Responder personnel. Please understand that this list is not all-inclusive due to variations in individual communities throughout the United States that should be considered prior to sale.

First Responders include, but are not limited to:

  • All sworn Law Enforcement (LE) officers, including State, County, and Local
  • All Federal LE officers (FBI, US Marshal, DEA, etc.)
  • All Retired LE officers, including Federal, State, County, and Local
  • All Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
  • State-licensed Security Companies (e.g., Loomis Fargo, RAM Security, Securitas, etc.)
  • State and local-licensed Security Officers
  • Active military personnel – all branches
  • National Guard personnel – all branches
  • Military Reserve personnel – all branches
  • Disabled military personnel (in any capacity)
  • Officially retired military veterans
  • Licensed Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Firefighters (including volunteers)
  • Additional fire personnel, including Fire Marshalls and Arson Detectives
  • First Responders
  • County Coroners
  • All Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees
  • Commercial Pilot License holders, regardless of class
  • Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges and Court Officers
  • District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructors
  • LE Academy or College students with proof of enrollment in a Criminal Justice Program

Note: Official identification/Credentials is/are required to verify a qualified purchaser
For First Responder firearms sales, a copy of the qualifying credentials or business card must be provided to us to be kept on file with one of the following: ATF Form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record Part 1 – Over-the-counter), State transfer form, or bill of sale. These are the rules imposed on us by the manufacturers and distributors for discount sales to First Responders.