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Magazines and Accessories

Here you'll find rifle mags, pistol mags, and magazine accessories. If you don't see it here, drop us a line at and we'll get it in.

Please make sure you order the correct magazine capacity according to your state magazine restrictions listed here.

Rifle Mags
 Pistol Mags
Mag Loaders

MAGAZINE REBUILD KITS:  If you order a firearm with a magazine capacity over the legal limit for your state, your magazine(s) will be 'replaced' with a REBUILD KIT automatically. A "REBUILD KIT" is a complete magazine that has been disassembled into parts only to be used to repair a currently-owned legal standard-capacity or large-capacity magazine.

It contains all the original parts of the magazine that have been taken apart before being shipped to comply with state and local laws. We do not ship magazine rebuild kits to the following: California, Connecticut, Chicago, IL., Maryland, Massachusetts, New York State and Washington D.C.

Rebuild kits are not to be used to assemble a new high-capacity magazine, which would be in violation of local or state law. These rebuild kits are intended to rebuild a legally-owned magazine or for assembling a 10-round or 15-round magazine pursuant to local or state law.