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Armat M41A Pulse Rifle


Armat M41A Pulse Rifle

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The Armat M41A Pulse Rifle is an American-made pulse-action assault rifle chambered for 10×24mm Caseless ammunition. Attached underneath the M41A is the U1 Grenade Launcher comprising of a barrel, breech and four-round internal magazine. Grenades must be hand-loaded into the launcher's four-round magazine, which are then loaded into the breech and primed to fire from a pump action.

Lightweight and rugged, the M41A is constructed largely from ultra-light alloy precision metal stampings, with a titanium aluminide alloy outer casing and high-impact, temperature resistant plastics for many of its internal parts. The M41A is fully sealed against corrosion, dirt and moisture and its electronics are hardened against TREE (Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics) and background radiation, making it perfectly usable even in a vacuum. By itself the rifle weighs only 7 lbs., although this increases to 10.8 lbs when including the sling and fully-loaded magazine, and is built around a 9.7" long barrel.

The M41A uses an electronic pulse action to fire, controlled directly from the trigger and powered by a battery located in the carry handle. The internal mechanism, including the rotating breech, is mounted on free-floating rails within a carbon-fiber jacket and the entire assembly is recoil dampened to reduce the effects of muzzle climb during burst and fully-automatic fire. Even so, the weapon's recoil is fairly significant. A thumb selector allows the firer to switch between selective, four-round burst or fully automatic firing modes. A manual charging handle on the right hand side of the receiver allows the user to check for rounds in the chamber or clear the breech in the event of a stoppage. The standard M41A ammunition magazine stores 99 rounds in a 'U' bend conveyor. Rounds are fed mechanically into the weapon's rotating breech. While the magazine weighs 3.3 lbs. when fully loaded, standard practice is to only fill it to 95% capacity (95 rounds) to prevent jamming.

M41A Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Armat Battlefield Systems
  • Model: M41A1
  • Type: Assault rifle
  • Operation: Rotating breech, electronic pulse action
  • Length: 27.4 in. (stock retracted) / 33 in. (stock extended)
  • Feed system: 99-round detachable box magazine
  • Fire Modes: Fully automatic / Four-round burst
  • Rate of Fire: 900 rounds/min
  • Caliber: 10×24mm Caseless
  • Range: 2297 yards maximum / 547 yards effective
  • Digital Round Count Display

U1 Grenade Launcher Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Armat Battlefield Systems
  • Model: U1
  • Type: Underbarrel grenade launcher
  • Feed System: 4-grenade internal tube magazine
  • Operation: Pump-action
  • Ammunition: 30×71mm grenades
  • Range: Varies on ammo type

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